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If health is the new wealth. e-Bikes are worth their weight in gold.

Posted by e-bike World Record Holder Gary Corbett on Mar 16, 2018 10:30:24 AM

With the graph of worldwide e-bike sales showing a steady and upward trend, a number of positive health-related outcomes have emerged, especially for people in the 40-plus age category.

First and foremost medical professionals have seen a direct correlation between e-bike ownership and overall health, but just as importantly e-bike owners themselves – many of whom have returned to cycling for the first time in many years - are reporting a wide range of associated health benefits.

And right at the top of the list is the fact that they are happier.

Yes, that is right, even after minimal e-biking on a regular basis people are reporting that they are healthier and fitter, have significantly greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, have lost weight and that they are HAPPIER.

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The Start of an AVE e-Bike Love Affair

Posted by e-bike World Record Holder Gary Corbett on Feb 6, 2018 1:34:40 PM

It’s not a declaration I would normally make in such a public way, but sometimes a man just has to say it as it is, so here goes … I have fallen in love.

But before you jump to all the wrong conclusions about the object of my desire don’t worry, my gorgeous wife, Rachel, doesn’t mind one little bit because, like me, she is just as smitten about her own new love.

So what the hell is going on, you are entitled to ask?

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The Importance of Riding an E-Bike Safely

Posted by e-bike World Record Holder Gary Corbett on Dec 22, 2017 6:06:00 AM

What isn’t there to like about riding an e-bike?

Not only are they a lot of fun to ride, but by riding an e-bike you also gain all the health benefits associated with traditional cycling without the pain of hills, headwinds and fatigue.

Throw in the fact that they are also good for the environment, are a cost saving alternative to driving a car and that they are suitable for anyone from their teen years to 80-plus and yes, today’s new breed of technically advanced e-bikes are nothing short of a revelation.

But be warned all that fun stuff comes with a caveat that is ignored at your peril.

As practical as they are and as much fun as they are to ride, e-bikes MUST be ridden safely at all times.

To do otherwise is not only foolish and possibly against the law but is fraught with potentially dangerous outcomes.

In other words anyone riding an e-bike should have one word and one word only at the forefront of their thoughts at all times – SAFETY – with best e-bike safety practices not only observed, but adhered to ALWAYS.

The Key Word All E-Bikers Should Adopt - Safety

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Is E-Bike Riding Cheating?

Posted by e-bike World Record Holder Gary Corbett on Nov 29, 2017 12:12:36 PM

In the English language arguably one of the ultimate of accusations is to be labelled a ‘cheat’.

And rightly so! After all, as the Oxford Dictionary so very clearly states, “to cheat at something is to act in a dishonest way in order to gain an advantage”.

Cheat in a game, in a competition, during an exam or, even, in marriage, and you risk either being charged with an offence, ordered to make amends or, at the least, being publicly and privately ostracised.

Essentially to be outed as a cheat is tantamount to being declared a public pariah.

So why is it then that the word ‘cheat’ is so widely levelled at anyone who dares to ride an e-bike?

No, e-bike enthusiasts are not serial bigamists, are not committing any offence in the eye of the law – as long as they adhere to all road rules - and in the true sense of the word are doing absolutely nothing dishonest.

E-Bikes Allow People to Have Fun While Getting Fit

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