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The e-Bike Cycle Tourists head for Victorian High Country 

Posted by e-bike World Record Holder Gary Corbett on Mar 21, 2018 12:12:47 PM


Eighteen months after returning to Australia with a new world record of 27,800kms firmly in our keeping for the longest continuous e-bike journey ever completed, it’s finally time to hit the road again.

And make no mistake; the E-Bike Cycle Tourists couldn’t be happier!

Unfortunately the journey this time around will take considerable less time than the 16 months our record-breaking jaunt around mainland Europe and the UK took and there is also absolutely no chance this time around of us bettering our own world record.

But that in no way dilutes the excitement we are feeling in the lead-up to heading off again on our AVE Adventure E-Bikes ... a good analogy is that we are two e-bike cycle touring addicts who are absolutely craving our next, imminent, touring hit.

So what is the plan?

This time around we are heading off on a ‘Best Of’ e-bike tour in conjunction with our HiAce campervan and our AVE e-bikes starting from our home base at Kalbar in south-east Queensland, with our intended destination the rail trails and ski fields of northern and eastern Victoria.


Two Weeks of Rail Trail and Ski Resort E-Biking

With Rachel currently teaching at a small local primary school and not wanting to spend a sizeable chunk of her Easter school holidays driving, the plan is for Mr E-Bike Cycle Tourist to take his time driving to Victoria before meeting Mrs E-Bike Cycle tourist at Melbourne Airport for two weeks of rail trail and ski resort e-bike cycle touring.

As such while driving to and from Victoria the aim is to scout the bike route suggested by the CycleWayz App for the Brisbane to Sydney and Sydney to Melbourne journey for a planned self-supported Brisbane to Melbourne e-bike tour at some stage in the future.

While it is possible to drive from Brisbane to Melbourne in less than 24 hours, my aim is to complete the journey both ways over 14 days to allow enough time each day for four to five hours of e-biking along the suggested CycleWayz route to get a good understanding of the terrain.

Once we both meet up in Victoria our goal is simple - to complete the entire 134km Great Victorian Rail Trail, the 94km East Gippsland Rail Trail, the 116km Murray to Mountain Rail Trail and the 74km Great Southern Rail Trail & Tarra Trail.

For good measure once all four of the above trails are completed and if time permits - and if the weather Gods are in our favour - we also hope to complete the 65km High Country Rail Trail.

Four Weeks of E-Assist Fun Coming Up

Having completed the majority of the Murray to Mountain Rail Trail in the past the expectation is for two weeks of fantastic e-biking on some of the best rail trails in Australia with, hopefully, side e-bike journeys to the ski resorts of Mt Buffalo, Falls Creek and Mt Buller.

Clearly to be able to successfully climb all three peaks on a fully loaded conventional touring bike would be nothing short a major achievement given their lofty altitudes – Mt Buffalo sits at 1723m, Falls Creek 1830m and Mt Buller 1805m – but on our e-assist AVE e-bikes we are confident of relatively easily completing all three climbs.

So stay tuned as the E-Bike Cycle Tourists once again hit the road for what promises to be four weeks of great fun on our e-assist AVE SH11 and TH11 Adventure touring e-bikes.

You never know we may just inspire you to load up your e-bike and head off on a similar trip!

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