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Lower cost two wheeled Tesla alternative launches in Brisbane 

Posted by Nick Willis on Feb 21, 2018 7:00:00 AM


Local Brisbane business owner and AVE (Advanced Vehicle Engineering) CEO Nick Willis launched his own electric vehicle start up here in Brisbane on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March.

"Whilst we won't be sending one of our Carbon Fibre Electric Bikes into orbit, we will be offering guided rides up to the summit of Mt Cootha to showcase just how capable our e-bikes are"

"We have huge respect for Tesla, and the amazing work they've done to raise the awareness of electric vehicles.  However electric and self driving cars still fall short when it comes to tackling road congestion, and promoting a healthy active lifestyle.  With a range of >100Km+ per charge and average speeds during peak hour that will leave even a Model S in its wake , we truly believe that our range of e-bikes are a genuine car/electric car replacement"

 "Self driving isn't an option for our e-bikes,  however we do offer a full range of safety, security and customisation options that allow our customers to create their perfect e-bike.  Current options include day light running lights,  full carbon fibre frames,  and wireless Bluetooth seat height adjustment.  GPS tracking and ABS braking are also in the pipeline for 2019."

If you would like to experience the performance and flexibility of our e-bike range as a genuine car replacement you can click below to sign up for a test ride or demo event at your workplace.

Try an AVE e-Bike

Full details of the launch event can be found here.








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