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If health is the new wealth. e-Bikes are worth their weight in gold.

Posted by e-bike World Record Holder Gary Corbett on Mar 16, 2018 10:30:24 AM


With the graph of worldwide e-bike sales showing a steady and upward trend, a number of positive health-related outcomes have emerged, especially for people in the 40-plus age category.

First and foremost medical professionals have seen a direct correlation between e-bike ownership and overall health, but just as importantly e-bike owners themselves – many of whom have returned to cycling for the first time in many years - are reporting a wide range of associated health benefits.

And right at the top of the list is the fact that they are happier.

Yes, that is right, even after minimal e-biking on a regular basis people are reporting that they are healthier and fitter, have significantly greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, have lost weight and that they are HAPPIER.

A fantastic all-round outcome!

Exercise with FUN

Almost without exception new e-bike devotees are discovering that riding an e-bike is exercise with FUN. In other words they are accruing all the health benefits of regular exercise while having a blast at the same time.

Gone is the tedium associated with lifting weights and pedalling an exercise bike at a gymnasium, with the electrical boost of an e-bike providing a complete workout that takes away the strain from knee joints while maintaining a consistent heart rate.

A win – win situation if ever there was one!

One thing that my wife, Rachel, and I know only too well after e-biking 27,800 kilometres over 16 months to set a new world long distance e-bike record in 2015/16 – more than anyone else in history on an e-bike during a single ongoing ride – were the health benefits we accrued as a result of our amazing journey.

Quite simply after a few weeks of e-biking day after day for up to eight hours per day we were fitter and more mentally alert than we had been at any other stage of our lives.

Proving E-Biking is NOT Cheating

While e-bike naysayers will have you believe that riding an e-bike is “cheating”, nothing could be further from the truth.

Physically, mentally and from just about every other identifiable perspective we were in peak physical condition and most importantly we were happy and having fun.

But for anyone contemplating organising their own long distance e-bike adventure – no matter what your age – don’t think for one moment that achieving daily kilometre targets doesn’t come at a cost.

Essentially when you are doing that much exercise on a daily basis – even on an e-bike – you are an elite athlete, even at our time of life in our late 50s and early 60s.

As a result we found that it was vitally important to maintain a daily stretching and massage regime off the bike to keep our bodies in perfect working order.

Essentially this meant we had had to become experts at maintaining not only our own, but each other’s bodies to ensure our muscles were constantly supple and our ageing joints were in good working order to ensure minor ‘issues’ didn’t become long term injuries.

The result on a daily basis was a rigorous routine that included stretching, massage and Pilates – surely something that would be totally unnecessary if riding an e-bike meant we were not working our bodies to the maximum!

blog 30 - pic 1 - Rachel doing her daily stretching routine..jpg

E-Biking – a Total Body Friendly Workout

To the contrary, from the experience we gained from riding our e-bikes day in day out we truly proved that an e-bike actually provides a more ‘body friendly’ total workout than by any other identifiable method.

It also meant that we were able to go wherever we liked, were able to climb any hill that came our way and that we were able to enjoy a life changing experience with no adverse physical and health problems.

We now also know our bodies better, have a better understanding of what we can and can’t do physically but more importantly understand the importance of continuing to ride our AVE e-bikes well into old age.

Believe us when we say - it is fact, not fiction - e-bikes are the elixir of life. If you haven’t already, buy one. Your general health will reward you well and you are guaranteed never to look back!

If you would like the chance to experience how an AVE e-bike could become part of a healthier lifestyle click on the button below to sign up for our next ride event.

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